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Bar Brosé – Darlinghurst, Sydney

Smoked nardin anchovy tart ($4)


It’s kind of ironic that I’m writing a post about BAR BROSÉ from Tasmania. Analiese Gregory, the incredible chef who started BAR BROSÉ with Mitch Orr, is headed down here to Hobart to take over FRANKLIN. She’s taking over from David Moyle, who is heading over to Melbourne to pursue a different venture. It’s funny, because we just went to FRANKLIN and I think David Moyle has just left, but Analiese hasn’t quite started yet.

Can I just say that DS and I are super devastated that BAR BROSÉ won’t be the same anymore?! It’s definitely a neighbourhood favourite for us. So here’s one last retrospective look at the awesome things we ate most recently at BAR BROSÉ, starting with the Smoked nardin anchovy tart ($4)This little morsel is the perfect flavour combination to start your meal of creative flavours and fun.


Special: Fried chicken wings with porcini salt


Special: Fried chicken wings with porcini salt


How hard is it to photograph fried chicken?! So here’s two photos of a special we had that night – Fried chicken wings with porcini salt. In fact, we got the last portion of this, much to the dismay of our table neighbours! Oh man, this was seriously some of the best fried chicken we’ve ever had. We were groaning and drooling with each bite. The porcini salt is just incredible…please bring this dish to FRANKLIN!


Potato gnocchi, lap cheong, chilli, kombu butter ($22)


For those who don’t know, the menu at BAR BROSÉ is designed to share. The menu is also quite experimental at times, including Asian flavours in an unconventional way. The Potato gnocchi, lap cheong, chilli, kombu butter ($22) is an example of this. Lap cheong is a kind of Chinese sausage, usually dried first. In fact, it’s one of my favourite Chinese delicacies and I love having it with some flat duck in winter. I love that they have added this to a gnocchi dish! It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but an incredible, inventive flavour combination.


Burrata, figs, furikake ($20)


Oh man, look at that perfect, pudgy burrata. Everyone loves a good burrata! The Burrata, figs, furikake ($20) is another example of a fusion of Asian and Italian flavours. It’s such a simple dish! Just three ingredients, but the sweetness of the fig, contrasted with the crunchiness and slight fishy flavour, again contrasted with the smooth creamy texture of the burrata! In DS’s words: “I find it hard to imagine food that is any better than this.”


Black angus minute steak, fermented shiitake, pine mushroom ($27)


Broccoli, barley, wild rice, seeds ($12)


We also ordered the Black angus minute steak, fermented shiitake, pine mushroom ($27) which in hindsight was too much food. It was also probably the least interesting dish we had! We did, however, order quite an interesting side dish in the Broccoli, barley, wild rice, seeds ($12). The wild rice really can’t help but look like worms…sorry! It was tasty though and you need a bit of vegetable in your life with a meal like this!

Farewell to BAR BROSÉ as we know it, you have been dearly loved and I hope whatever comes after you is just as good. XOXO



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