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Sansibar – Sylt, Germany

truffle fries

So many fun dishes to share with you in this post it’s making me all giddy! Went to Sansibar in Sylt (tiny island in Germany in the North Sea) for my birthday this year and it was all kinds of awesome – particularly mind blowing was the image above. The best freaking truffle and parmesan fries I’ve ever had!

(Oh and if you want to see my previous post on Sansibar you can check it out here)

sansibar salat

sansibar table

Oh man what a feast we had! Sansibar is this huge restaurant nestled amongst the sand dunes, pretty much right on the beach, and it has a bit of a club house kind of vibe. Huge indoor dining space, then dining on a deck/balcony with an outdoor dining and play area for kids as well! Really awesome for a casual lunch, but their food is also really good quality. I actually don’t know how they do it because it’s always packed but the food is served quickly and is always top quality.

lamb cutlets

A couple of exciting meat dishes first up – DS had the Currywurst with Sansibar’s curry sauce and fried potatoes (EUR 12.00). If you haven’t heard of currywurst before, it’s one of the signature German dishes (typically eaten with fries, while sitting drunk on the sidewalk at 2am…). It’s definitely ‘fast food’ but a lot of restaurants are serving a bit more of a refined version of it these days. This was DS’s first currywurst EVER and he thoroughly enjoyed it. I would also always recommend getting it with the classic German fried potatoes. Can’t lose with those.

The mothership had the Lamb cutlets with peperonata sauce and mash potatoes (EUR 25.00). Check out that huge portion! Good thing she was happy to share so we all had a bit. Really excellent meat and sauce – not a very German dish per se, but definitely rivals the lamb we have in Australia!

sansibar fish

sansibar fried fish

Of course, being in the North Sea means that Sylt has tons of seafood. We eat a lot of smoked fish, pickled herring, shrimps and smoked salmon, and all the fish that is served in restaurants is super fresh and tasty. I had the Panfried Atlantic Cod fillet with champagne cabbage, grapes, speck and croutons with a side of mashed potato (EUR 22.00) which was epic. I had never had champagne cabbage (think really creamy cabbage), let alone fish served with grapes but all the flavours worked really well and made it a unique dish for me.

The fathership (seen above eagerly pointing at his lunch) loves getting the whole, panfried fish. This time it was the Whole turbot with a baked potato and mustard sauce (EUR 35.00). I don’t think we even get turbot fish in Australia…but it was really excellent. Sometimes it’s best just to cook things simply and allow the individual flavours to sing out.

sansibar lambkotelettes

sansibar truffel pommes

BUT THE HIGHLIGHT was really the Truffel fries with parmesan a la Sansibar Mallorca (EUR 9,00) GUYS CHECK OUT THE AMOUNT OF TRUFFLE AND PARMESAN COVERING EACH FRY OMG OMG. (I feel like that’s all I need to say about that dish.)


sansibar nachtisch

Onto desserts, which was shared by the table. DS had what was effectively the German version of Rice pudding with some berry compote on top. Totally took him back to his childhood – apparently it’s exactly like what his mum used to make! We also got the Sansibar ‘burnt’ strawberry cake (EUR 5.00) which was totally not what I expected. It was a kind of deconstructed cake with something that resembled creme brûlée on the top, a layer of sponge cake, some whipped cream and then stewed strawberries. It was actually really tasty – a pleasant surprise.

I was so happy to spend my birthday with my love and my family in Germany this year. So happy to have such a great meal, too!

Hörnumer Str. 80

25980 Rantum
Sylt, Germany

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