conquering food across sydney and the rest of the world


me - mid-ramen chewing in berlin
me – mid-ramen chewing in berlin


talk&spoon – conquering food across sydney, australia, and around the world.


This blog

My name is Ellen and I started talk&spoon sometime around the end of 2012. talk&spoon aims to chronicle food adventures around the world in a simple, straight-forward, food-focussed manner. When I’m not eating and taking photos of the food I’m eating, I look after the overseas students at a school and try not to get mistaken for a student. I also hang out with my husband DS (you can check out the food we ate at our wedding here), listen to classical music, watch stupid TV shows in my laptop in bed, dip biscuits into my tea and make friends with random cats on the street. DS and I live in Sydney, although Hong Kong will always be home and Germany somewhat is too. London is the dream.

New posts every weekend, with the occasional sneaky mid-week post.


What else?

talk&spoon is mainly based in Sydney, Australia but frequent trips to other ‘homes’ including Hong Kong, Germany and London often occur throughout the year. The easiest way to stay up to date is on my Instagram.


Other stuff

All photos are the property of talk&spoon unless otherwise stated. Please ask before using my photos.

All persons mentioned on the blog are referred to by initials or pseudonyms, unless otherwise stated.

All sponsored posts are acknowledged at the bottom of the post.


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