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Ramen Bari-Uma – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Ajitama-uma Ramen (HK$88)


Ramen is obviously winter food, so we were so excited to find a really great ramen place in Hong Kong. I’ve never really used Open Rice before but RAMEN BARI-UMA came up as number 1 in Causeway Bay so we thought we’d check it out!

There was a bit of a queue but that didn’t deter us. The street that RAMEN BARI-UMA is on seems to be a bit of a ramen street or at least Japanese street. There were loads of other places that people were queuing for so we didn’t feel too bad. After about 30 minutes we got in! Luckily they had the menu for us to look at outside so we could order as soon as we got in.


Karaage – 5 pieces (HK$35)


Lemon Ramen with Chashu (HK$78)


Ajitama-uma Ramen (HK$88)


We got some Karaage to share – 5 pieces for HK$35 which is pretty good value I think (that’s about AU$5). When going to a ramen place for the first time I think it’s important to try their standard ramen, usually the first one on the menu. You want to taste their pure, unadulterated ramen, without any extra chilli or toppings. Dave did just that and got the Ajitama-uma Ramen (HK$88). He really enjoyed it! It was a standard ramen, but every aspect was good. Nothing to complain about.

I had their special Lemon Ramen with Chashu (HK$78). I had never heard of lemon ramen before so curiosity got the better of me and I thought I’d give it a shot! It was a lighter soup base and the lemon slices really made a difference to the soup taste. I enjoyed this a lot, but Dave wasn’t so keen. I guess it’s not for everyone, but still fun to try a bit of a different style.

All in all, good ramen place that I would definitely visit again. I actually wish I’d tried out more ramen joints while we were in HK!

Dave’s two cents: It was good. Good ramen. Good ramen is always good. And this was good ramen.




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