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Frosty Fruits!


Last night, DS and I were over at a friend’s place for a casual dinner. When K announced that she had Frosty Fruits for dinner, everyone gave a little cheer, or at least made a noise to indicate their excitement. My reaction took a little longer because…

I have never had a Frosty Fruit.

K noticed my reaction immediately. “I thought your expression meant that you didn’t like them!” she said. That wasn’t the case, I just didn’t know what they were! So my brain had gone through the thought process of: What is she talking out? Everybody else seems excited. I will also fake my excitement to fit in so they don’t think I’m a weirdo.

But sometimes it’s okay to be a weirdo.

So by request of K and her husband S, here is a review of my first Frosty Fruits.


How I eat my Frosty Fruits…(jokes)


…and don’t worry, I did NOT eat it like the above photo!

In fact, there was some discussion amongst the group of how to correctly eat a Frosty Fruit. I believe the correct way is to open the wrapper at the top of the Frosty Fruit – not where the paddle pop stick is. Then it means you can hold the Frosty Fruit by the paddle pop stick inside the wrapper. The wrapper then also serves as a helpful catchment for any little fruit juice droplets that melt. Those in Sydney will know that last night was a warm night, so this proved to be very helpful indeed.

I was a bit hesitant about my Frosty Fruit at first. I have sensitive teeth and that usually means that me and any form of icy-pole don’t go well together. I can’t bite any ice cream, I always have to lick it. Which means half an hour later, I’m still there, licking away. It wasn’t much different with the Frosty Fruit. However, it did melt quite quickly which made licking it rather easy. Also, because it’s essentially made of ice, once the layer of Frosty Fruit got thinner after licking, I was able to bite it off with my mouth, deftly avoiding my teeth.

The taste is AWESOME! It’s like every child’s dream of breakfast juice, except that breakfast juice rarely lives up to these expectations. The predominant flavour to me was orange, however upon further research (thanks, Google) I now find out that our tropical flavoured Frosty Fruit is in fact a combination of passionfruit, pineapple and orange.

Would I have another one? Yes – but it would have to be a hot day. The temperature needs to be warm enough to melt the ice quickly, which helps me in eating it. I feel like Frosty Fruits would also make a great slushie, anyone else agree?

Shoutout to K and S for having us over – until next time, foodies!


Peters Frosty Fruits (tropical flavour) – available at all good supermarkets and convenience stores


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