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Matteo – Double Bay, Sydney

Matteo dinner


The opening of MATTEO was very much anticipated in Double Bay. Not only did it mean the long vacant site of former Italian restaurant Limoncello was finally being filled (by another Italian, nonetheless!). It also meant that Orazio D’Elia’s (of Da Orazio fame) food was now slightly more reachable for those not wanting to venture to the parking chaos that is Bondi. DS took me there for my birthday last month and we had some thoroughly good food.


Mixed Italian Olives ($8)


We thought we’d start with some Mixed Italian Olives ($8). Pictured: the biggest bowl of olives we’ve ever seen. I guess that justifies the $8 price point, but seriously there were so many olives we barely got through 1/3 of the bowl. Definitely one to share with friends in the future.


Safron Capunti, Ossobuco Ragu, Gremolada ($28)


Safron Capunti, Ossobuco Ragu, Gremolada ($28)


BURRATTA – Broccoli, fior di latte, cetara anchovies, whole burratta ($25)


The menu is largely pizza-based, however there were some intriguing pastas on it too! We decided to share the Safron Capunti, Ossobuco Ragu, Gremolada ($28) which was thoroughly tasty. The pasta was perfectly al dente as it should be, plus the sauce to pasta ratio was perfect too! You don’t want too much ragu if you don’t have enough pasta on the dish. It’s quite a generous portion, so would also recommend sharing.

Then we got a pizza: BURRATTA – Broccoli, fior di latte, cetara anchovies, whole burratta ($25). It was pretty much a no-brainer once we saw that there was burratta…ON A PIZZA?! It kind of blew our minds and we just had to order it, even though I don’t like anchovies. What a delight it was to cut open the burratta and see it ooze all over the pizza. Cheese on top of more cheese. The table next to us had serious food envy and actually ended up ordering the exact same dishes as us!


Mille Feuille


Mille Feuille


We were quite full after the pizza and pasta, however my friend GR recommended we get the Rhubarb Mille Feuille so we decided to share that as well. It was different to the usual mille feuilles I’ve had before – really just some rhubarb and custard wedged between two sheets of puff pastry. A lot of puff pastry means sharing the dish with someone gets messy. Yes, we had bits of pastry flying everywhere! I also just noticed that that piece of rhubarb sitting upright on the dish is rather…well, you know what I mean. It was a good dessert but I’d also be keen to check out some others next time.

Overall we had a great experience at MATTEO in terms of food. The only criticism we have is the noise levels. We chatted to our table neighbours on the night, and my parents have subsequently been to the restaurant as well. Everyone agrees that it was incredible noisy. We sat in the middle of the restaurant as well, and the noise just seemed to bounce around the bare walls and tiled floors. Perhaps it’ll be better in summer when they can open the verandah doors.

Also – I’m introducing a new section for each blogpost entitled “DS’ TWO CENTS”. This is for those of you who just want the facts, quick and simple, was it good or not. Obviously this will only be included when I’m dining with DS – but let’s face it, that is 99% of the time. So here it goes:

DS’ TWO CENTS: “Liquid cheese oa pizza is top tier, but it was well noisy!”


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