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Templo – Hobart, Tasmania



When some friends found out I was in Hobart, they both (separately) told me we absolutely had to go to TEMPLO. I hadn’t even heard of TEMPLO – probably because it’s a fairly new member of the Hobart dining scene. We quickly rang up and made a booking, and I am so glad we did because it was our favourite dinner in Hobart!


Pizza fritta ($8 for two pieces)


The space is really small and communal dining is the focus. We took a seat by the bar and were immediately served up two delicious, thick slices of Foccacia. I don’t even know what herbs was on it, but it was delicious! The menu is really straight-forward. It’s all written on a blackboard and changes daily. One thing that really stuck out to me about dining in Tasmania is that they always use local produce. It’s always seasonal and really, this is the way we should be eating!

We ordered the Pizza fritta ($8 for two pieces) out of curiosity. Fried…pizza? Sign us up! They’re literally little deep fried cheesy pockets, topped with a tomato sauce, more cheese and a little bit of chilly. Delightful! Oh, and you should definitely order two portions. One each is not enough!


Squash lasagne (sort of) ($16)


Gnocchetti with lamb ragu ($24)


TEMPLO is sort of Italian. At least, they’ve taken inspiration from Italian dishes in creating their own dishes. We saw this in the Squash lasagne (sort of) ($16). It was the simplest dish of our meal but actually one of the best. It’s ‘sort of’ a lasagne because it’s really just a few sheets of pasta draped over some squash (or pumpkin, as we know it!) and topped with some pumpkin seeds. Straight-forward and no fuss, but so tasty! The Gnocchetti with lamb ragu ($24) was also a bit unusual. Instead of a creamy, saucy ragu that I’ve had in other dishes, it was quite sparse. The dish also had some leafy vegetables and crunchy breadcrumbs on the top, making for an interesting textural contrast to the smooth gnocchetti.


Quail, turnips ($22)


Our final main was the mysteriously named Quail, turnips ($22). We really didn’t know what to expect for this one, but I’m a huge fan of quail so we decided to go for it! It was pretty much fried chicken, except that it was fried quail! We loved the battered meat, which in itself was incredibly tender. The turnips were fermented and thinly sliced to act as a kind of salad with the lettuce and sauce.

We decided not to go for dessert after our big meal at FRANKLIN the night before (make sure you have a look – it truly was a whopping big meal!) but from memory there was only one option for dessert anyway. We just loved TEMPLO so much. The atmosphere is really relaxed and welcoming, the service is great and they make you feel like part of the family. Not the mention the food absolutely killed it and we were so satisfied with our meal. We would highly recommend TEMPLO if you’re ever down in Hobart!


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