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Yakiniku Great – Central, Hong Kong

Wagyu beef sushi

Was Yakiniku Great our highlight meal of this Hong Kong trip? Probably. It was definitely pretty GREAT though! It also wins the award for cheesiest restaurant name. For those who don’t know, yakiniku is the Japanese cooking style of grilling meat. So they’re pretty much saying they are the greatest at grilling meat!

Yakiniku Great – sitting at the bar

We got to sit at the bar which was both a good thing and an annoying thing. Sitting side by side cooking our meat made us feel like we were in our own kitchen! However, there was also limited space for putting our food and we felt a little cramped.

Yakiniku Great specialises in beef (sorry, vegos!). On their menu you can order all different cuts, but if you’re like us and can’t really tell the difference between the cuts anyway, why not let the experts pick for you! The Omakase (Take) ($HK430 per person) menu does the work for you, picking 7 cuts of special rare beef. I think that’s a great price for omakase, definitely one of the best we saw around. If you’re feeling fancy, there’s also the premium version Omakase (Matsu) (HK$620 per person) which features 7 cuts of premium special rare beef.

Great salad (HK$98)

You know you’re in for a heavy meal, so I definitely recommend ordering some vegetables and a salad too. We went for the Great Salad (HK$98) which was great in the sense that it was rather large, but also great in the sense that is was very tasty. And this coming from someone who doesn’t like leaves!

Rubbing the grill with fat

Your first task is to rub the grill with this mighty piece of fat that you’re given. The waitress was very helpful and demonstrated this to us. In fact, the service was all round impeccable. They were constantly attentive but not overbearing, and for our first slice of beef she demonstrated how to cook it correctly so we wouldn’t stuff it up. As rookies, we definitely appreciated this! Each time she brought the meat around she also told us exactly which sauces to use. Thanks, lady!

Omakase – first part including yakisashi, uma misuji and kurisankaku

Our omakase meal came in three drops. First up was the yakisashi, uma misuji and kurisankaku. As you can see in the image above, they have little signs telling you how long to cook each cut of beef for. For example, the yakisashi was 5 second on each side. The kurisankaku, however, was only 2 seconds per side! We did get a little flustered and stressed but once you get the hang of flipping the super thin meat, the reward of eating it all is so worth it!

Omakase – second part including maru shin with tare, and shakushi with tare

The next drop was two cuts with tare (a Japanese sauce) – the maru shin and shakushi.

Omakase – third part including fillet and tougarashi

The third drop was definitely the highlight for us – fillet and tougarashi. Of course, it’s the fattiest meat that tastes the best! I’m pretty sure we were groaning with each bite.

Grilling the meat – a very precise art!

(Side note: Thanks DS for doing most of the cooking while I anxiously counted the seconds and got angry at you when you left the meat on for 1 second too long!)

Assorted Vegetables for grilling (HK$98)

We also got some Assorted Vegetables for grilling (HK$98). Again, it’s nice to actually take a break from the meat and have some veggies.

All in all, we absolutely LOVED our experience at Yakiniku Great. We have been making ‘great’ puns and jokes ever since. Anything that is good, we say that is ‘Yakiniku GREAT!’. Yes, we’re a bit dorky like that. I would highly recommend going if you’re visiting HK or if you’re a local, it’s a GREAT experience.


Yakiniku Great
1/F, 255 Queen’s Road Central,
Central, Hong Kong

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