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Spiga – Central, Hong Kong


My cousin J (who is a total foodie as well!) recommended Spiga to mum and I for a quiet but nice dinner. It’s a super cool space in one of the big sky scraper office blocks in Central. I’m still getting used to the fact that you can go up to level 8 in a building in Hong Kong and there’s just a normal restaurant!

I looooved the decor here. We arrived very early so kind of had the place to ourselves to admire it all! (You might have seen it on my Instagram already) But let’s get on to the food!

Amuse bouche

I don’t quite remember what our Amuse Bouche was but I think it was something to do with cauliflower?! I like that even restaurants that aren’t super high end or fine dining still give you a little taster at the beginning.

Complimentary bread selection at Spiga

And let me talk about the bread selection!!! I was seriously impressed and of course got a bit of everything.

Housemade tagliatelle with white chicken ragout and black truffle (HK$278)

I need to commend Spiga on their service. Mum has got a whole lot of food intolerances at the moment and so she was quite strict with her requests. Nothing was a problem for them and they happily accommodated, even altering the way they cooked certain things! That really is great service.

Mum and I shared the whole meal, starting with the Housemade tagliatelle with white chicken ragout and black truffle (HK$278). Seriously, I just cannot go past pasta with truffles at an Italian restaurant! My first and favourite experience will always be at Gallo Nero in Hamburg, but I’ll take pasta and truffle whenever I can get it! They knew we were sharing, so they helpfully divided the portion into two for us. Again – great service!

Whole Italian sea bass baked in salt crust (HK$788) – on fire!

Next up – another dish that I first had at Gallo Nero in Hamburg! Salt baked fish is really something incredible. The simplicity of the dish leaves me surprised every time. It’s literally a whole bunch of salt covering a whole fish. Then, the fish is baked, and in our case here – set on fire?! Not sure if it’s just a bit of theatre of whether it actually added to the cooking or flavour…

Whole Italian sea bass baked in salt crust (HK$788) – being de-crusted

Here it is, our Whole Italian sea bass baked in salt crust (HK$788) being skilfully de-crusted and served to us.

Whole Italian sea bass baked in salt crust (HK$788) with Sautéed spinach with garlic (HK$78)

We also ordered a small side of Sautéed spinach with garlic (HK$78) (minus the garlic, for Mum!). Both of us could absolutely not fault the fish. It is definitely a big portion though, so I would recommend sharing with some family or friends if you get it!

We loved our experience at Spiga and it’s now on my Hong Kong go-to list, that’s for sure!

3/F, LHT Tower
31 Queens Road, Central
Hong Kong

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