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Gojima – Pyrmont, Sydney

Gojima is so totally instagrammable. There’s no other way to describe the burgers, except that they are also ridiculously tasty. That’s right – not just the looks, but the real deal as well! CK and I headed over a while ago and have been dying to go back ever since!

Japanese-style Southern Fried Chicken (Small – 2 pieces $8.90)

I’m going to get it over with before I rave on about this place: the only disappointing thing was the location / atmosphere and decor of the place. I thought it would be a restaurant, or at least a cafe kind of set up with table service. Unfortunately it’s very much like fast food. The set up reminded me a lot of Shake Shack actually. So don’t go expecting anything fancy in terms of seating and service.

HOWEVER – did you see that fried chicken? The Japanese-style Southern Fried Chicken (Small – 2 pieces $8.90) was seriously a highlight for the both of us. We thought we’d get two pieces to be safe. Little did we know they’d be huge and by getting two we totally over-ordered! They were so succulent, juicy, perfectly crispy and the perfect amount of spicy too. Gojima is good not only for the burgers – make sure you get the chicken too.

Shoestring fries with Gojima umami salt (Large $6.90)

Of course, no burger meal is complete without fries. The Shoestring fries with Gojima umami salt (Large $6.90) were a little pricey. But that’s okay, the whole meal wasn’t an expensive one so it’s not worth complaining. We both really enjoyed the umami salt seasoning, I think it was made of seaweed?

Gojima Double – 2 x Angus Beef, cheese, tomato, pickles, onion, lettuce & special sauce ($16.90)

The hero of the meal was, of course, the burger. For those of you who don’t know, the special thing about Gojima is that they don’t use bread to sandwich their burgers. Instead, they use RICE! The rice cakes are pretty much deep fried and covered in a layer of seaweed to keep them together. Apart from that, it’s your standard burger fillings, including the Gojima Double – 2 x Angus Beef, cheese, tomato, pickles, onion, lettuce & special sauce ($16.90). There’s nothing to complain about here. The sauce was good, the paddies were good. I would go for this standard burger if it’s your first time at Gojima.

Sure, the rice burger buns may seem like a bit of a gimmick but I actually think it works really well! Don’t forget to drop a comment below and let me know what you thought!

Level G, Café Court

The Star
80 Pyrmont Street
Pyrmont, Sydney

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