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Frohlein – Hamburg, Germany

Ahhh German breakfasts – my love! Click through to have a look at what we ate for breakfast at Frohlein in Hamburg.

Yes, breakfast cafe culture isn’t huge in Germany yet but that doesn’t mean German breakfast isn’t great! It just means that cafes don’t open til 9am at the earliest, which isn’t great if you’re suffering from jetlag and are ready to go at 7am every morning…!

We walked past Frohlein by chance actually – it’s on Mühlenkamp, which is quite a cool street in our area, full of little shops, cafes and restaurants. German breakfasts usually fall into a few categories – you can either order a sweet breakfast, a cheese breakfast, or a savoury / mixed breakfast.

DS and I decided to share a few things, so first up he had a coffee (definitely not up to Sydney standards unfortunately) and I went with a freshly squeezed carrot and ginger juice (€4). We then shared the Mixed breakfast – 2 bread rolls, 1 slice of bread, butter, cheddar cheese, Holsteiner ham, salami, marmelade and 1 hard boiled egg (€12.40). How yum does that sound?! It’s really the perfect breakfast to me. I love that they give you a bit of everything!

DS had Scrambled eggs of 3 eggs with crispy sourdough bread, butter, parmesan and speck (€5.70). Does anyone else feel like that’s really good value?! The scrambled eggs were a bit dry. They were more like the type you’d make at home rather than creamy cafe-style eggs…but still not bad!

I’d definitely recommend Frohlein as a cute cafe for a German breakfast. They also have a little dog who comes round to say hi to everyone at their tables!

Mühlenhamp 48
Hamburg, Germany

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