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Trüffelschwein – Hamburg, Germany

My my it’s been a busy start to the year – so much so that I’m only getting round to posting about our trip to Europe in December 2016! talk&spoon was also down for a few days, so apologies to those who tried to access the site but couldn’t…there’s loads of things going on and bubbling away in my life but first of I’m so proud to share with you guys that talk&spoon came in at #58 in the Top 100 Australian Food Bloggers as ranked by Feedspot Blog Reader!!! I am SO excited about this outcome and totally did not expect it. As I’ve said to my social media followers – this really encourages me to keep eating, photographing, posting and writing for you.

Now on to what we ate on our trip to Europe! As some of you will know, Hamburg is another home of mine, there place where I have spent pretty much every European summer. I love the city, and going back there is always a joy. We headed to Trüffelschwein on one of our first nights there – it’s a popular fine dining restaurant that was recommended to us by a kind waiter at nel. Restaurant who was coincidentally also from Hamburg. Click through to see a small snapshot of what we ate…

Apologies for the crummy photos – the lighting was shocking and I’d left my camera on a weird setting by accident. I also realised that food blogging isn’t really a thing in Germany…I feel like people were judging me for taking out my camera in a fancy restaurant, so I limited my photos throughout our meal.

Here’s the full Christmas menu we enjoyed at Trüffelschwein – five courses for 89€. There’s also the option of having 6, 7 or 8  courses.

  • Amuse Gueule
  • Foie gras, field salad, mango, brioche
  • Consommé of duck, mushroom raviolo
  • Sorbet of hot spiced wine
  • Breast of duck, salad of green cabbage, pomegrante
  • Chocolate, quince, Christmas spicery
  • Petit Fours

From this experience at Trüffelschwein (which means truffle pig, by the way!) I can’t say that German fine dining is up to the standard of that in Australia or even London. Yes, the plating is beautiful (the amuse gueule or amuse bouches were the cutest!) but the flavours didn’t pair that well and I found the whole meal to be very heavy. Typical German winter food though – the only vegetables you get are salad or some sort of cabbage! Obviously this was the Christmas menu as well, so that explains the heavy duck and foie gras dishes. But as beautiful as the amuse bouches were, they had tofu on there and then pumpernickel and pickled vegetables?! It seemed a bit Asian but then we launched into foie gras so who knows…

Would I go back? I’m happy I tried it out but I’m not sure if I would go back. It may have been the night we went, but I also found the restaurant filled with people my parents’ age and I could feel their judging eyes on us  (probably because we look like we’re 16 and are taking photos of the food). Maybe I’m just being self-conscious…there were definitely elements of the meal I loved though – how cute is little mister white chocolate lego man!

Stay tuned for more of our travels…

Mühlenkamp 54
22303 Hamburg

Trüffelschwein has 1 Michelin Star.

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