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Michelberger Hotel Breakfast – Berlin, Germany

breakfast tray

We stayed at one of the most awesome hotels I’ve been to in Berlin.

michelberger hotel table

breakfast buffet

I don’t have pictures of our room unfortunately, but for those wondering and wanting to stay here – we stayed in a loft room which was absolutely fantastic. The bed is on a mezzanine level above the main living area which gives you that much more space to just chill out in the room. Loved this so much more than hotel rooms where the bed takes up 90% of the room!

The Michelberger Hotel restaurant is also something to write home about. It is constantly packed with people who aren’t even staying at the hotel and serves up delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

breakfast bread basket

Firstly, check out that bread selection for breakfast!

breakfast plate

flavored sugar

It’s also all about the attention to detail – everything from the flavoured sugars and honeys above (cinnamon honey!!!)…

flower arrangement

…the little flower arrangement on our tables (which I thought was very winter-inspired, by the way! Great use of moss.)…

michelberger breakfast milk

…and our little milk jugs.

michelberger hotel restaurant

michelberger hotel

michelberger breakfastTruly a perfect breakfast room which has a little bit of everything you need and would want for breakfast. Oh and did I mention the handmade jams, as well as tomato butter and herb butter?!

The food was definitely only one of the perks of staying at Michelberger Hotel. Others worthy of note are the Orla Kiely shampoo and soap in rooms, the proximity to the U-Bahn (train) station (across the road!) and the fun hotel courtyard where there’s always something happening. During this trip it was decked out in Christmas tree with a little winter bar and an open fire in the evenings. All in all, I’d highly recommend staying here if you are keen on visiting Berlin!

Michelberger Hotel
Warschauer Straße 39/40
10243 Berlin

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