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Cafe Shenkin – Erskineville, Sydney


Rainy, wintry days call for comfort foods that are made from love – the type of love that you find in fusing the love of Australian culture with Israeli cuisine.


And food has to cheer you up right? Doesn’t that French Toast just look like a bizarre kind of face? It made me laugh.

DSC_5352 grilled banana

Gotta say, grilled/toasted/warm (however they do it) banana is one of my favourite things. I’m sure there’s some sort of scientific explanation for what happens in a banana when you warm it up, but it is bloody fantastic! Definitely had a bit of food envy.


Or you could go for something simple, some labne on toast with bocconcini, tomato and basil (Israeli bruschetta?!).

DSC_5363 DSC_5366

My absolute favourite is the Angelita Malawach – Puff pastry served with hummus, grated tomato, spicy coriander & a boiled egg ($17). Cannot get past this stuff. There’s something super decadent about eating a slab of puff pastry twice the size of my face, for breakfast. And I’m a sucker for condiments – look at all those options! I got some tomato-y salsa instead of the spicy coriander, but I’m sure that’s lovely too. I hear the waffles and pancakes are good too, and the Israeli big breakfast is also a must-try.

Cafe Shenkin
53 Erskineville Road

(See website for other locations)

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0 thoughts on “Cafe Shenkin – Erskineville, Sydney”

  • Next time you go, you have to try the coriander dip. Best thing I have ever had. Shenkin desserts are also a must have and you have to have their hot chocolate. Made with real chocolate, it’s so rich and creamy. Craving one now thinking about it. I love shenkin

  • I’m a Sydneysider (North Shore) living in Sai Gon, Viet Nam and I think I’m just hurting myself looking at your blog posts.

    I love my adopted home, but I haven’t had a decent flat white coffee/café meal in a year.

    Anyway – glad you enjoyed your meal.

  • Yeah, I’m consoling myself with all the Bun Cha and Bun Bo Nam Bo that I can eat…
    I love northern food (Hanoiese style dishes) though I eat far more southern food (’cause I’m living in Sai Gon). That is one thing I realised when I came to Viet Nam – that there is so much regional diversity.
    You really should check out Hue (which is the old Imperial capital) and its food when you come back.

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