Bandol – Chelsea, London

Lavender Créme Brûlée

SVT and I used to be part of a kind of informal dinner club with a couple of school friends. When we realised she was moving to London, it made us sad – but also excited about the possibility of reuniting dinner club in London! DS and I were so excited to be able to dine with SVT at Bandol, conveniently located our hood in Chelsea – and all of us give it a solid double thumbs up.

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Trüffelschwein – Hamburg, Germany

My my it’s been a busy start to the year – so much so that I’m only getting round to posting about our trip to Europe in December 2016! talk&spoon was also down for a few days, so apologies to those who tried to access the site but couldn’t…there’s loads of things going on and bubbling away in my life but first of I’m so proud to share with you guys that talk&spoon came in at #58 in the Top 100 Australian Food Bloggers as ranked by Feedspot Blog Reader!!! I am SO excited about this outcome and totally did not expect it. As I’ve said to my social media followers – this really encourages me to keep eating, photographing, posting and writing for you.

Now on to what we ate on our trip to Europe! As some of you will know, Hamburg is another home of mine, there place where I have spent pretty much every European summer. I love the city, and going back there is always a joy. We headed to Trüffelschwein on one of our first nights there – it’s a popular fine dining restaurant that was recommended to us by a kind waiter at nel. Restaurant who was coincidentally also from Hamburg. Click through to see a small snapshot of what we ate…

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Classico Moderno – Darlinghurst, Sydney


Classico Moderno is an Italian pop-up restaurant currently located in Darlinghurst, set up by Italian chef Bryan Gerlini. You may know that name in connection with Darlinghurst’s most loved pop-up restaurant to date – Cafe Paci. Apparently he did a stint there! However, don’t expect the food to be anything like Cafe Paci’s. It’s an Italian restaurant and well, everything about it is very…Italian.

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